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Knowing when it is time to move closer to a loved one

Many baby boomers and Gen Xers often grapple with the question of when to move closer to a senior loved one who needs some extra support. Deciding to relocate and live closer to an aging parent or family member can be daunting, as it would entail uprooting your current life.
If you're worried about an aging family member who lives alone, Carmel Global Church invites you to read on to learn when it may be time to move closer for support or caregiving duties and how to make the transition process more straightforward.

Assess Your Senior's Personal Needs
While it may seem easier to manage caregiving tasks from a distance, moving could be worthwhile, as it would give your loved one a much needed helping hand and companionship as they age.

The first step is to assess their changing needs to determine whether they may require more of your care and companionship. Some telltale signs that your aging family member may require in-home help include a decline in personal hygiene, frequent injuries, or an inability to attend to day-to-day tasks such as bathing and cooking.

According to The, issues like weight loss, increased isolation, and failure to take medication on time could indicate that your aging loved one may need more hands-on support and supervision.
Making the Big Move: Should You Rent or Buy?

If you decide to be more closely involved in managing your aging senior's healthcare and overall needs, the next step is to determine whether to buy or rent a new home. Finding a rental may ease the hassle and financial burden of purchasing a house. Consider searching through online listings or contacting relocation experts to find an affordable rental home near your aging loved one.

Meanwhile, you might need to relocate your business to a new locale without causing too much disruption to daily operations. To achieve this, consider hiring a professional mover and connecting with business networking clubs to source an experienced labor force in the new neighborhood.

Consider Alternate Living Arrangements
Taking on the responsibility of a senior's sole caregiver can be overwhelming. Most people underestimate the time and commitment it takes to provide constant in-home care for seniors, especially if they struggle with health or mobility issues or Alzheimer's and other dementias.

If a senior family member's current home is no longer safe due to progressive mental impairment or disability, exploring new living arrangements may be the best way to guarantee their well-being, safety, and quality of life. Assisted living communities can provide the perfect environment for seniors to receive compassionate medical care, physical and emotional stimulation, and assistance with daily tasks like bathing, eating, and taking medication.

For a senior who’s still physically and cognitively able, moving to a smaller home may be ideal. It’s important to check out rentals in the area. Use an online platform to search for a rental, then use filtering functions to sort through the listings.

Explore Senior Living Options
Moving closer to an aging senior citizen requires you to make several critical decisions, including whether to buy or rent a new house and how to transition your life to a new location. By taking the time to carefully consider what your senior loved one needs, you’ll be in the best position to make the right decision for them and your circumstances.  

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