Dicipleship Process

To facilitate God's vision for Carmel, we follow a DISCIPLESHIP process of Share, Care, Prepare, and Dare. This enables us to help believers along their individual journey of discovery and faith.

Every Member a Minister

Stage 1: SHARE


This is sharing the love of God through the Gospel. Primarily. for an unbeliever (seekers), this is their first point of contact with Carmel. Our audience/ congregation/ attendees are split into three areas:
- The unchurched: Seekers
- The Dechurched:Disillusioned
-The Churched:Finding a new home

Stage 2: CARE

New Believer   Holy Spirit   Guest Services

This is for people who have given their lives to the Lord and who need help adjusting to a Christian way of living. These believers need access to the many support structures that we have in order for them to become integrated into the church family and community.

Stage 3: PREPARE

Faith Foundations   Certificate Course   Diploma Course   Ministry of Helps

Once a person partners with the Vision of the Church, they need to be equipped to get involved in taking the Vision forward. They are encouraged to serve in one or more of the departments in the Church.

Stage 4: DARE

Prayer Helpers   Team Leader   Missions Outreach   Petra Project

This is for those who have been equipped and are carrying the Vision by playing key roles in the ministry. Here people will lead others and help facilitate the process of the journey beginning with SHARING.