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Carmel Kids

Kingdom Builders meet at 10 am and 7pm on Sundays

At  Carmel:  children are valued as precious gifts from God and their spiritual development is taken seriously. While  Carmel: recognizes that it is primarily the role of parents to teach and influence their children in this area, facilities are provided to teach and train the children separate from the main church services. Everything that takes place during these times supports and endorses the beliefs of  Carmel:  church.


Children are free to remain in the main services, but for those under eleven who want to be with other children,  Carmel:  children’s church runs a church with the children for the children. They meet at the same time as the adults on Sunday mornings and also for part of the Saturday evening meetings. When there are special events and conferences they often run their own parallel sessions.


The children experience God and get involved in the ministry, especially in the praise and worship band called Overload. For other teaching and activities, the children are split into age groups.  Carmel:  children’s church is not only fun but it provides a safe, secure, and stimulating environment in which each child can grow and develop. All children’s church workers are police checked in accordance with the Child Protection Act.