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5 Ways to Support Your Senior Loved One After Losing Their Spouse

Your senior loved one has just had to say goodbye to their spouse, and they’re reeling from the loss. Now, you want to step up and help them in any way that you can. Here are a few ways to support your grieving senior loved one, from going to worship services at Carmel Global to helping them downsize or move into assisted living.

Guide Your Loved One Through Downsizing

If your loved one has been living alone since their spouse passed away, they might be interested in moving to a smaller property. For instance, they may want to move into an active adult community where they can meet new friends, or purchase a condo in an area where they have family or old friends.

Downsizing takes a lot of work, and moving is tough at any age - but it’s especially hard on seniors. You can pitch in to assist your loved one throughout the process. By using a home sale calculator, you can help your loved one determine how much their house is worth, and what they could afford to buy with the sale proceeds. A home sale calculator will factor in figures like
realtor fees, their current outstanding mortgage balance, and sale prices for comparable properties in their neighborhood.

Explore Assisted Living Options

What if your loved one depended on their spouse to handle essential domestic tasks, like driving, grocery shopping, or cleaning the house? If your loved one is struggling with responsibilities like these, it may be time to sit down with them and discuss the prospect of moving into an assisted living facility.
Your loved one might be resistant to the idea at first, but when they learn about the wide variety of services provided by these facilities, they may be willing to entertain the possibility. Prior to visiting any local facilities, take some time to assess the costs, payment plan options, current facility reports, and reviews from families of other residents.

Connect With Mental Health Services

Your loved one might be open to going to therapy. If so, you can guide them in their support for a therapist, or look up local grief support groups. Generations Senior Living states that joining a grief support group can give your loved one hope that happiness is possible again. It can also ease feelings of isolation.

Attend Church Services Together

Belonging to a church can help your senior loved one meet friends, find spiritual guidance, and gain a source of comfort during these tough times. Offer to attend church services with your loved one, and check out different churches in your community to see where they feel most “at home.”

Suggest Adopting a Pet

Maybe your senior loved one gets a little tired of being alone during the day, especially if they’re retired and spending most of their time at home. Adopting a pet could be a good solution! Pet ownership can be a boon for your mental health, especially for seniors who live alone. PsychCentral states that spending time with a pet actually boosts levels of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin in the brain, which are the chemicals that make us feel happy. You may want to visit a local shelter with your senior loved one to find their new furry friend!
Your senior loved one needs you now more than ever. Rebuilding their life after losing their spouse will take time. By assisting your senior loved one with downsizing, moving into an assisted living facility, and finding mental health support, you can help them heal.
Is your senior loved one interested in finding a new church? Turn to Carmel Global! Browse our website today to learn more about our worship services, community programs, and events.

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