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Mens' Mentoring

Saturdays at 7am in the Teaching Center (across from church)

A Man Thing

The Men’s Ministry at  Carmel:  is expressed in terms of  Valiant Men  (VM) in order to encapsulate and express the vital role played by the men in the ministry. The men meet weekly in  Mentor Groups, annual special   Breakfasts, and annually at the  A Man Thing which is a weekend conference.

The mission: To reach and equip men to be spiritual leaders for their families, church, work, and community.

The vision:

1  To raise up the men of  Carmel:  to know their identity and destiny in Christ, to be the force which carries  Carmel:  forward in relation to the  Carmel:  vision.

2  To create a network of relationships between men at  Carmel:  through the Mentor and Home Groups, so they experience support and security in a way that enables them to function effectively as leaders.

3  To encourage men to develop in Christ-like character so that they commend Christ in the community and provide the covering  Carmel:’s  Empowered Women need to   be everything God has prepared for them to be

. 4  To provide as many compelling men’s growth and discipleship opportunities as possible so that it sustains and grows the body of men at  Carmel:  into a dynamic band of brothers.