Pastors Gerri and Michelle Di Somma arrived in the UK from South Africa with their four children in 1995. They bought one-way tickets knowing that God had instructed them to come to Bristol, though they did not know where it was. Like Abraham, they trusted God to lead and direct them in their call to do His work, knowing that in obeying God their mission would succeed.


Pastor Gerri had been a successful businessman who, with Michelle, became a member of Rhema Bible Church, one of the fastest-growing churches in South Africa. In 1985 they attended Rhema Bible Training Centre graduating two years later. Pastor Gerri became a lecturer and pastor at the Centre, then Director of Faculty, a post which he held for five years, with responsibility for about 500 students. His pastoral responsibilities included work among the 18,000 strong Rhema Bible Church and Directorship of Christian Men’s Network for South Africa.

Pastor Gerri is a visionary, a godly leader, and an anointed speaker. He founded  Carmel:  Ministries International, UK  and  Carmel:  Global Ministries Inc. USA  and  Carmel:  Bible College. He is the senior pastor of  Carmel:  Church  Houston and also is the Apostolic oversight for  Carmel Bristol, he lectures at  CBC  and he presents the Word of God and the spiritual realm in a practical manner that challenges individuals’ lives, enlightening and equipping people for God’s destiny.


Pastor Michelle is both Pastor Gerri’s soul mate and helper and a woman of God in her own right. She works full time in the ministry at  Carmel: center lectures at  CBC, and heads the church’s ministry to women, which she founded. She successfully balances all this with family life and draws on her wealth of wisdom to encourage, change and impact the lives of others towards godly fulfillment.


Before Pastors Gerri and Michelle allowed God to be real in their lives, they had separated and were on the verge of divorce. God’s love drew them towards Him and back to each other. As they determined to put Him first and live only by His principles, they grew from strength to strength. They celebrated their 45  wedding anniversary in 2020  and have raised four godly children who are now adult and serving God in  Carmel.


Pastors Gerri and Michelle have seen God’s love, Word, and power demonstrated throughout their lives and the lives of countless others. This is the reason they continue in their call ‘to preach the kingdom of God and heal the sick’ Luke 9:2 – the mission statement of  Carmel.


 The work they lead is now reaching out into other parts of the world, and they are called on internationally to share their ministry insights and wisdom through the Word of God.