Carmel Christian School

Carmel:  Christian school is officially registered as an independent school which is affiliated through  Carmel:  ministries international.

Seen as an extension of the Christian home, the school offers holistic education which meets the different levels of needs, including emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development from preschool* to secondary.

At  Carmel Christian School every child matters so teaching and learning is individualized and personalized to enable each child to maximize the potential within a safe, loving, and disciplined environment.

The curriculum is the tried, tested, and proven Accelerated Christian Education. Each child achieves an International Diploma at one of the four levels; Foundation, General, Intermediate, or Advanced.

Before students leave, whether they choose employment, college, or university, decisions are made with the student, parents, and school in the best interest of the child, using academic projections and a careers education program.


Mission Statement: An extension of the Christian home *See information on pre-school.